martedì 29 novembre 2011

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clicca per ascoltare "Sad eyes" Bruce Springsteen (1990)

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  1. Ev'ry day here, you come walking
    I hold my tongue, I don't do much talking
    You say you're happy and you're doin' fine
    Well, go ahead, baby; I got plenty of time
    Because sad eyes never lie
    Because sad eyes never lie

    Well, for a while, I've been watching you steady
    Ain't gonna move 'til you're good and ready
    You show up and then you shy away
    But I know pretty soon you'll be walkin' this way
    Because sad eyes never lie
    'Cause sad eyes never lie

    Baby, don't you know I don't care?
    Don't you know that I've been there?
    Well, if something in the air feels a little unkind
    Don't worry, darling; it'll slip your mind

    I know you think you'd never be mine
    Well, that's okay, baby; I don't mind
    That shy smile's sweet--that's a fact
    Go ahead; I don't mind the act

    Here you come, all dressed up for a date
    Well, one more step and it'll be too late
    Blue, blue ribbon in your hair
    Like you're so sure I'll be standing here
    I guess sad eyes never lie
    I guess sad eyes never lie

    I guess sad eyes never lie
    Sad eyes never lie

  2. Uh... oggi ho proprio i sad eyes della canzone... e sì, si vede...

  3. la frase della foto però è verissima!

  4. è vero! io rido sempre, prima di dire una cattiveria a qualcuno!!!

  5. Il più grande di tutti...mi si inumidiscono gli occhi...